Corporate Packages

Corporate Packages

There are many opportunities for your company to partner with EcoMarines to demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and commitment to environmental change. 

Check out our Corporate Packages below!

Partnering with EcoMarines

As a Corporate Partner you will help school children of all ages make a real impact on the health and wellbeing of the local environment. Your contribution will foster leadership among young learners as they undertake projects and initiatives that influence positive change, not just within their school but in the wider community.   

Your employees can also join in the fun as they introduce improvements to your business that result in greater efficiencies and a vibrant workplace culture that is inspired by their environmental team efforts and achievements.    

With EcoMarines, you can triple your social return on investment. A review by University of Queensland (May 2021) indicates that for every extra dollar invested in EcoMarines, there is approximately $3 of benefit to the community.

Your business will receive invitations to our Corporate Crew networking events and promotional opportunities to participate and in our careers event and other annual EcoMarines school events.

Your logo will feature along with other partner organisations on the EcoMarines website and in other key publications.

Your investment in EcoMarines will ensure our engaging, educational, effective, and empowering conservation and environmental programs can continue to have, not only a practical and local impact, but a long-term global one too.

We look forward to working together to create a wave of environmental change.

All partnerships are inclusive of donor recognition as well as optional extras depending on the level of giving. 

Key benefits for your organisation

  • Help to achieve your sustainability goals
  • Support more schools to participate in the EcoMarines program
  • Help to educate your local community
  • Provide volunteer opportunities for your staff
  • Align your product and brand with water and ocean conservation
  • Work alongside our young leaders to do good things for local waterways
  • Contribute value added benefits to the community
  • Find simple and money-saving solutions to manage workplace waste
  • Give you brand affiliation with EcoMarines
  • Provide your organisation with positive environmental stories for internal and external communications
  • Help provide a sense of pride for staff to get involved and help protect our local environment
  • Every dollar of activity by EcoMarines benefits the community by a factor of 3.


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