Eco-friendly Fete

Borrow Box Stall Challenge!

This activity gives you an opportunity to educate people about our beautiful environment and the challenges we face, as well as encouraging the school community to adopt better practices to help.

We have a few ‘Borrow Boxes’ that include a marquee, photo station, promotional materials, educational games, posters, and giveaways! (Pictured top right).

How it Works

Step 1

Email Dini to secure a Borrow Box for the date of your fete or community event.

Step 2

Ambassadors brainstorm ideas to make their fete more eco-friendly and send a friendly letter to the organisers of the event with your ideas. (E.g. encourage the use of paper plates and utensils instead of plastic, organise lots of rubbish/recycle bins so people don’t litter, etc.)

Step 3

We will be in touch a couple of weeks out from the event to arrange delivering the equipment to you. Don’t forget to take lots of photos!

Fete Stall Ideas

  • An iPad with different educational apps, such as ‘Lunchtime Legends‘ from Brisbane City Council, or ‘Don’t Flush That‘ from Queensland Urban Utilities.

  • ‘Refuse Slam Dunk’ is a fun way for people to dispose of their rubbish by shooting it into the bin like a basketball. You could have general and recycling for people to learn which bin to use. St Rita’s tried this game at their fete stall and it was a hit!

  • Sell seed packets to encourage people to grow more plants.

  • Our ‘Guess How Many Straw Wrappers’ game… you’d be surprised at how many there are! 

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