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What do plants need to grow?

Gardening is a fantastic way for young people to learn about natural processes and understand where their food comes from. Germinating seeds, planting seedlings, composting and starting a worm farm are all fantastic ways to connect with nature!

This Eco-Focus will teach your children what resources plants need to grow BIG and STRONG from little seeds. They will then get to create their own picture book using the template below to take home and remind them of the plant growth journey.

Early Years Learning Framework

Learning Outcomes: 

2.4 – Children become socially responsible and show respect for the environment

3.2 – Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and wellbeing

4.2 – Children develop a range of skills and processes 


3. High expectations and equity


1. Holistic approaches

CHALLENGE: Plant Picture Book!


Gardening equipment – seeds, small pots, soil, gloves, water. 

Printed out version of the Plant Picture Book – one for every child involved OR you can have one for the whole class to share

Camera and access to printer


3 weeks for seed germination and creating the picture book 

Step 1 - What do plants need to grow?

Before starting the practical aspect of the challenge, we recommend showing the children the videos below. The videos will help them gain a better understanding of plant growth phases and what five things plants/seeds need to grow healthy and strong.  You can print out the poster below as well to remind children of the five things.

Step 2 - Growing plants from seeds!

Include children in germinating seeds and/or growing seedlings. You may choose to grow one plant per class group or centre, or you may wish to give a small pot to each child. 

If you want to add an extra challenge, try to use recycled items as pots such as yoghurt containers, toilet rolls, newspaper etc. You can even get seeds from food items to germinate and create new plants. To see how, take a look at the guide below.

Step 3 - Watching Plants Grow

Document the journey of the seeds germinating and growing. Ensure children are shown what five things to give the plants to grow and allow the children to document this via photo-taking or drawings. You will be able to use this for the next step. 

  1. Space: Children sowing seeds in their own pots 
  2. Soil: Children planting seeds in the pots with soil
  3. Water: Children watering plants 
  4. Light: Children placing pots in sun light 
  5. Air: Children ensuring pots are placed in a well ventilated space e.g. outside, windowsill etc. 

Step 4 - Plant Picture Book!

Use the story book template below to create the children’s very own plant picture book which tells the story of the five things plants and seeds need to grow. 

You can print one book out for the whole class or centre OR print one for each child.  Use the children’s pictures and/or photos to help fill in the story book so that it is personalised for them!

Note: If you would rather have an online version of this template (to make one picture book for your class) and have a Canva account, email us and we can send you an editable link. 


Use the form to the right to submit!

We can't wait to see your centers' picture book!

The winning centre of this competition will get their Plant Picture Book illustrated and printed professionally! The EcoMarines team will come to your centre to present your new book. 

Want to grow more plants or have your own early learning garden?

Your centre can apply for a Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant! Click to see more information and how you can apply!

You could even apply for free native plants if your school is within the Brisbane City Council area. 

Finished Germinating your seeds? Check out these ways to upcycle your new seedlings!

  • Sell your plants to families, you can set up a little stall outside your centre

  • Create gifts out of your seedlings for holidays such as Mothers day! 

  • Plant your seedlings in your centres garden 

  • Place in upcycled pots e.g. old tyres or containers to use as pot plant decorations! 

Activities about Gardening and Plants

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