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Caring for our environments far and wide!

This Eco-focus is about spreading the word of caring for our environments far and wide! Not only to the children in your centre but also to family, friends and the community. You can do this by hosting a Toy Swap Fundraiser with your community (challenge 2). 

Early Years Learning Framework

Learning Outcomes: 

2.1 – Children develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities

4.4 – Children transfer and adapt what they have learned from one context to another

5.3 – Children express ideas and make meaning using a range of media


2. Partnerships


8. Assessment for learning

CHALLENGE 1: Go Green For EcoMarines


Green clothing or accessories! 



The whole day if possible

Step 1 - Pick a Day

Pick a date during to host your Go Green for EcoMarines dress up day! 

For this day, your whole centre can dress up in green and bring in a gold coin donation. The donation can be put towards EcoMarines foundation or your own centre’s eco-projects. 

Step 2 - Spread the Word!

During the lead up to your Go Green for EcoMarines day, make sure to promote the day to your centre and families. 

You can get children to create posters to advertise the day. Or why not create advertising material out of rubbish or repurposed items?

Step 3 - Plan the Day

On the day, educators can plan some fun eco-activities to get your mini marines in the green spirit! Here are some ideas: 

  • Creating a recycling station for your centre
  • Eco-art: what recycled items or rubbish items can kids use to create art?
  • Go on a nature walk in a nearby park or garden 
  • Read an eco-themed story book

Step 4 - Submission

Take photos on the day of your sea of green! We would love to see what your school got up to so don’t forget to email us or tag us on social media. You can use the form below to send us some photos!

CHALLENGE 2: Toy Swap Fundraiser


Printer to print out posters and flyers, collection of centre toys to swap, arts and craft supplies for children to create own promotional materials


1 to 2 hours to create promotional materials – STEP 1

1 hour to hosting swap – STEP 3 

Step 1 - Promoting Your Toy Swap Fundraiser

We want you to involve your whole community in working towards a more sustainable centre. A great way to do this is hosting a Toy Swap Fundraiser which promotes the idea of re-using and recycling whilst raising money for EcoMarines or an environmental charity. Up to 27 million toys end up in landfill each year when many kids would appreciate these items, so a Toy Swap is great way to combat this!

The first step is to identify when and how you might like to host the fundraiser. Many centres will choose a date for children and their families to bring in a toy or maybe a book to donate plus a gold coin donation when parents/guardians drop children off in the morning. During the day, educators and children can organise the donated toys in the foyer of the centre. When parents/guardians come in for pick-up, they can select a ‘new’ toy to take home along with their children. 

Once your date is selected (we recommend choosing a date closer to Christmas), you may like to get children involved in creating promotional materials such as: 

  • Posters 
  • Flyers for parents
  • Create a donation box for the gold coin donations

Extra points if you can use recycled items! And it’s a good idea to specify the do’s and don’ts of what types of toys to bring e.g. age appropriate and no sharp/small objects. 

Here is a poster template you can use:


Step 2 - Planning Before the Toy Swap!

Before the scheduled date of your toy swap, there are a few things to consider: 

  • Will you have enough toys to go around?
  • Which charity will you donate the funds to? If you donate to EcoMarines, you can do so HERE
  • How will you regulate the swaps?

Step 3 - Submission

Send us photos of your toy swap fundraiser!

Use the submission form below to upload your photos and answer a few questions. We would also love to see your centre’s creative posters as well. 

The centre with the best submission will receive a visit from the EcoMarines team and another special prize to be announced soon! 

Activities about Waste Reduction & Litter

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