Mini marine Resources & Information

Getting Started

We’ve prepared some resources you may like to show your kids, staff and families to introduce them to EcoMarines and what the program is all about. There are few videos that will help share the message of EcoMarines and our mission to protect our local environments as well!

For the Kids

Example of a Foyer Display
Involve your kids in an activity to introduce them to EcoMarines such as a Foyer Display 
Meet EcoMarines Ambassador, Angel
This video from Ambassador angel is super informative! We also have other videos to educate and inspire the community.

For Families and Community

You can send our flyer home with your children to share information about EcoMarines 
A Plastic Ocean Trailer
This short trailer is great to share with adults
This email template will be useful to send to parents

Helpful Resources

Program links to the Early Years Learning Framework

The EcoMarines Mini Marines Program has many links with the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia: Belonging, Being and Becoming. To help educators with creating lesson plans around our educational program, we have developed a document outlining links to Principles, Practices and Learning Outcomes for every EcoMarines activity and challenge. 

If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Action Plan

We’ve created an action plan to help plan the year, and make sure you’re reaching different actions across the spectrum of sustainability. 

This template may also help to communicate with families and the community on what the centre is doing! 

This is completely optional but good to help your centre organised for their sustainability journey!


Shirts for ‘Mini Marines’ (kids) and ‘Support Crew’ (adults) are available for purchase at a discounted rate for schools.

Cost: $15 + GST

Payment: EcoMarines will invoice the school for the TOTAL cost.
Order: Please send parents the Shirt Order Form template we’ve provided below, then email us the size and quantity of each shirt and we’ll arrange everything.

EcoMarines Poster


If you prefer not to purchase a sign, you can print off the poster to display in your classroom or front foyer. Download the poster below!


EcoMarines Professional School Sign

Purchase an outdoor sign to put on the fence in front of your centre! We have the MEDIUM sign in stock. An invoice can be emailed to the centre.

Costs: $45 + GST and includes delivery

Our Song: "EcoMarines are the Heroes"

Our song is great to play to the children in your centre to get them excited about the upcoming activities and challenges!


More Resources

For more resources such as EcoMarines logos, informative material, useful apps, photos and videos, check out out Resources page!

If there is anything else we can help you with starting the Early Learning Centre program, send us an email!

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