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Energy is what we use to power everything, from our homes, to schools, to factories, to simple things like phones! The main reason to reduce energy is because producing energy creates carbon emissions in the atmosphere which adds to pollution. If we ensure we save energy, we can have better air quality which means less harmful emissions that can destroy our environments and habitats!

The best way forward in terms of reducing energy consumption is to get energy from natural resources such as solar power and wind power! Check out these cool stats:

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Increase in Australia's solar power from 2019!
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Of all energy produced comes from renewable sources which is a good start!


Here in Queensland, we use the highest amount of energy from renewable sources than any other state!

But, we need to start local – so doing things like switching lights off after using a room, keeping your air-conditioning at 24 degrees and using electrical items less make a big difference!

Activities & Competitions

Port of Brisbane is one of Australia’s fastest growing container ports, and Queensland’s largest multi-cargo port.

They are based at the mouth of the Brisbane river overlooking beautiful Moreton Bay (Quandamooka Country).

For this challenge, EcoMarines ambassadors and support crew can visit the Port of Brisbane for the Power of the Port excursion! Learn all about sediment, seagrass, mangroves, shorebirds, energy efficient buildings, operations of the port, and more!

Email us to inquire!

Step 1

Get in touch with our team if you are interested in this amazing excursion! We will organise a date for the excursion with the Port of Brisbane. 

Step 2

Once the date is set, get ready for some fun! Here are the important details:

Transportation: If you live within 1 hour drive from the The Port, they offer a complimentary bus service to pick you up and drop you back to the school! The bus fits 23 people so it is up to teachers to either fill the bus with 23 students or ensure there are empty seats between students to accommodate for COVID-safe practices.

Location: 3 Port Central Avenue, Port of Brisbane 4178

Numbers: Max 23 guests 

Time: Approx 11 – 1.30pm. You can amend excursion times to suit your school schedule.

Students Bring
  • Closed footwear

  • Clipboard and pen/pencil for taking notes

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Packed lunch and snacks

Teachers Bring
  • Things listed to the left

  • Phone or camera to take pictures during the tour to include in your assembly PowerPoint

Port will supply
  • Computer (to make PowerPoint presentation)

Step 3

It’s time to share what you learnt with the rest of your school! After the excursion we encourage you to present the presentation at assembly or film the presentation to share with other students. We also encourage you to do a write up an article for your school newsletter!

It can be hard for students to feel as if they can help reduce energy and switch to renewable energy sources in schools and at home. But, we can help educate students about why saving energy is important! 

This hero design competition is a ‘super’ fun way to spread the word about energy and also get the school community involved in a creative challenge. Students get a chance to design their very own Super Hero and think of the heroes’ special powers relating to energy reduction and/or creating renewable energy. Students can then make their own ‘Power Pledge’ to promise to try and reduce energy at home or at school! EcoMarines ambassadors can choose the winning design who will win a special prize donated by EcoMarines (prize TBC)!

Step 1

EcoMarines ambassadors should meet to discuss how they will run the design competition within the school. Here are some questions you should consider:

  • Will it be for the whole school?
  • Will it be exclusively for particular grades?
  • When will the competition commence and when will it end?
  • How will participants submit their entry forms? e.g. email ambassadors or through teachers
  • How will you advertise the competition to students to make sure you get lots of entries? 

Step 2

When presenting the competition, we want  you to educate your school community about why we should reduce energy consumption and the importance of renewable energy. After all, students will want to know all the information to make sure their hero design is top notch! 

Need a little help? Check out these resources below: 

Step 3

Advertise the competition on assembly, via posters or through the school newsletter.

Don’t forget your education component. 

Make sure you let the student community know what the competition is all about. Here are some important points: 

  • This is a ‘design your own Super Hero’ competition
  • Students are invited to grab an entry form and design a Super Hero with energy saving powers or perhaps the hero somehow harnesses energy from renewable sources 
  • You have to come up with a drawing of your Super Hero, a name and most importantly what special powers the hero has
  • We want you to also make a ‘Power Pledge’ of something you and your family can do to reduce energy at home
  • Grab your entry forms from *insert name here* and return it to *insert name here* on this date *insert date here*
  • The winning design will receive a special prize donated by EcoMarines
You can download and hand out the entry form below. It’s a good idea to gauge interest of how many students are interested in taking part to print out the correct amount (save the trees)!

Step 4

Once you have collected your entry forms in, the EcoMarines crew can decide on a winner and a couple of runners up! 

Let the EcoMarines team know by sending them your chosen winners and runners up. EcoMarines will then send you certificates for the runners up and a prize for the winner. 

Once sent, the EcoMarines can present the winning entries on assembly!

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