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Quest Community Newspapers (and your school’s local newspaper) is pleased to be a proud supporter of EcoMarines! We encourage you to write in to educate people on our local environment, encourage them to make changes, and help spread the word about the wonderful work of your school and EcoMarines!

Here are some ideas for different stories:

  1. Introducing yourself as new ambassadors, and why you love the environment.
  2. Challenges/activities that you do throughout the year.
  3. Articles about our local environment, why people should care and how they can help!

Please submit your article and at least one photo using the submission forms below. We have also included a note from the Editor, and some ideas for photos.

A note from Quest Community Engagement Editor, Paula:

You will notice that the top part of the form is for your contact details – so your local reporter can reach the school or a teacher if we have any further questions. The other section is for the actual submission – the story and pictures you would like to share with our readers. This may be in the words of a teacher or the students, just please be sure you let us know who wrote the story (and whether they are a teacher or student EcoMarine) so that we can hopefully include a byline for them. Please also upload photographs for us – and if you only have one image it is fine to submit the same photo twice.

You should find the whole process really quick and easy.

Once you have completed and submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation email. Your local reporter will be in touch if they have any questions.

If you need help, or would like to know more, please contact me directly at any time.


Kind regards,

Paula Shearer
Quest Community Engagement Editor
PH: 0408 334 237

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