Recycling Rangers

Implement a recycling set up within your school

This challenge is all about being recycling rangers and educating your peers on how to perfect your schools general recycling. If you want to implement a recycling set up within your school, have a look at our Special Recycling page. 

Your local council may have a waste minimisation program to support your school with recycling! If you’re in Brisbane City Council or Moreton Bay Regional council, get in touch with our team and we can connect you with the right people! 

Recycling Rangers' Skit

A great way to educate and create awareness about recycling in your school is using the power of drama in the form of a skit! So this activity is perfect for EcoMarines who love drama and film AND want to make better decisions for the health of our environment. 

Step 1

Get together with your EcoMarines crew to discuss your skit. A skit is a like a short play or performance that has an important meaning behind it but is often funny and positive. 

Consider the recycling set up at your school and what messages you would like to share. For example: 

  • Using the right recycling bin for the right items

  • Containers for Change 

  • How to recycle certain items e.g. soft plastics, e-waste, mobile phones, batteries 

  • Reducing wrappers, packaging and containers in school

Step 2

After you have decided on your message or theme, you can start thinking of what you want your skit to look like such as a story, a game show or a news interview. Let your imagination run wild! The more creative and funny, the better. 

Step 3

It’s time to get planning!

Make sure you are giving your audience the correct recycling information. A good way to do this is to google council recycling guides depending on what council region your school belongs too.

This is important as some councils do not recycle certain items such as: 

  • Bottle caps

  • Soft plastics

  • Garden waste 

To help you plan your script for the skit, we have a template you can use: 

Step 4

After a little bit of practice, your drama crew will be ready to present your Recycling Rangers skit. Here are some ideas for where and how you can present your skit:

  • Present on assembly

  • Present it to your teachers at a staff meeting

  • Organise to show your skit to younger grades 

Step 5

Enter into our Recycle Right Skit Competition by Monday 12th October 2020 for a chance to present at The Wave! You can submit your script in to us or even a video of one of your presentations. 

Helpful Resources

You can download these educational bin posters to display on your bins at school. They can help teach your peers how to dispose of their waste!

You can create your own recycling posters using these as guides.

Get creative and use pictures, drawings or photos to make them interesting! Send your posters to – it could be featured and shared with all EcoMarines schools!

Fun Videos about Recycling at Home

Here are some fun videos to teach your about recycling at home, and at school and what happens with items after they are picked up by a recycling truck!

Separating Waste at School

The ambassadors from Clayfield College introduced EcoBins at their school to separate the five streams of waste. You can do the same!

Recycling Quiz

Are you a recycling guru? Take this quiz with your EcoMarines crew and learn a thing or two about how best to recycling household items!

Planet Ark

Planet Ark is a great organisation that provides heaps of educational material about recycling!

ABC Digibooks

The ABC have created a great library of videos to cover a whole range of recycling subjects. This is a great way to discover new ways to recycle!

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