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A lot of different items that are usually thrown away can actually be recycled and given a second, third or even a fourth life! Did you know that:

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Of the litter items that are put in general waste bins could actually be recycled one way or another!

These are the ways recycling can help the environment:

  • Recycling can help reduce pollution

  • Lower the energy use needed to make brand new materials

  • Reduce the amount of rubbish in landfill

  • Protect local environments and habitats as materials can be extracted from these areas such as trees used for paper.

There are 6 streams of recycling which you can see below! Download these bin posters to know what can and can’t be recycled! You could even print these posters out and use them around your school.

Activities and Competitions

Containers for Change is a great initiative to encourage recycling and giving back to the community. 

We suggest incorporating Containers for Change with our Recycle Rangers challenge.

Step 1

Setting up a recycling initiative in your school, and making sure people know how to use it.

Step 2

Separating the refundable containers from non-refundable. 

Step 3

Taking the refundable containers to your nearest collection centre.

Step 4

Check out ReturnIt or Scouts to assist with steps 2 and 3! 

Choose what to do with the funds! These could be put towards an environmental project in the school, local charity or anything else you choose. EcoMarines is a registered charity with Containers for Change and we would welcome any donations to help us grow! Our code is C10041492 if you would like to donate.

The Containers for Change website has more information on what type of containers are accepted, and where to return them.

Don’t you think bins tend to look pretty boring? Well with this competition your EcoMarines can get the whole school involved in developing a school TRASH MONSTER to make waste disposal unique and fun! 

Inspired by the awesome “Jeff Bin” project led by the EcoMarines at Cleveland State School and the amazing recycling competition entries from the EcoMarines at Josiah College. 

This is a great way to introduce a new recycling stream into your school community and teach the younger year levels about proper waste disposal! 

Step 1

EcoMarines take some time to discuss which waste/recycling stream they would like to upgrade or introduce into their school community. Here are some questions to consider: 

  • Which waste stream is not properly utilised within school? e.g. students are not sure what can and can’t go into the organic waste bin.
  • Which waste stream is needed within the school? e.g. a lot of 10c containers could be diverted from the landfill if Containers for Change is introduced. 

Step 2

Once the EcoMarines have decided on which waste/recycling stream they would like to focus on, it is encouraged that they create a school-wide campaign to get students involved in the design competition. 

The EcoMarines can promote this competition at assembly, in the school newsletter, during class visits and they could even make some posters to advertise around the school. This would be a great time for the EcoMarines to also educate their peers on why this waste stream is important and what types of waste items belong in that bin. 

Feel free to use the competition advertisement poster below!

Step 3

The EcoMarines may hand out entry forms to the students interested and/or hand a bunch out to each classroom for the teachers to give out to interested students. 

Try not to print out excess copies of the entry form, we don’t want to be wasteful, right? It would be ideal to print out a few copies for each classroom and only print more if needed. 

Step 4

Collect bins and entry forms from all participants by the pre-determined submission date. 

Now it’s the EcoMarines time to shine! The EcoMarines may organise a time where they can get together and judge the competition entries. They would also need to figure out what the judging criteria will be! Some factors they might want to consider when judging the submissions: 

  • Creativity 
  • Resourcefulness – e.g. how many materials used in the making of the trash monster are recycled? 
  • Written Description 

Step 5

Once the EcoMarines have narrowed down the entries to their favourite/top 3, please send us the submissions using the submission box below OR via submission. Submit entries by Friday 27th October

The winning entry will be sent to our graphic designers where they will create a cartoon based on the trash monster! This monster can then become the mascot for that particular waste stream in your school.

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