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You can use these logos for any advertising material for EcoMarines events, projects or challenges. Click on the logo to download it! If you need a logo in a different format, please email us and we will send it to you!

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We have a certificate that can be used for any one involved in the EcoMarines with our super mascot Finny, the Dumbo Octopus!

Feel free to download and print this certificate to celebrate the great work that EcoMarines do!

Shirts to Order

Students in our school programs will have the opportunity to receive their very own EcoMarines shirt, but if you would like to support us and order one for yourself then go ahead! 

You can order a shirt from our friends at the Queensland T-shirt Company for $45.00!

Why We Need a Wave of Environmental Change

Being a part of EcoMarines means wanting to make better choices for environment is because human actions like littering, water pollution and plastic pollution negatively effects our local environments, ecosystems and animals. 

Here are some interesting facts and figures to share with your peers to get them interested in joining EcoMarines’ programs:

  • ​Did you know that over 30% of turtles in Moreton Bay have ingested some form of plastic?

  • Did you know that there are 5 giant garbage patches in the ocean and one is as big as Queensland?

  • Australians use up to 10 million plastic bags every day – an astonishing 4 billion every year. Of these, approximately 150 million end up in our oceans and waterways, contributing to an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic dumped into the ocean every year.

  • 1 billion disposable coffee cups are used in Australia every year!

This is the 2 minute trailer for "A Plastic Ocean" documentary. It shows why our work is so important!
Plastic Oceans says plastics are now chocking our oceans. Along with CSIRO, they examine the plastics along our coastline and impacts on animals (On Catalyst, ABV TV).

Below are some useful apps you and your peers can download to help you manage waste and recycle better. These apps will help you to begin your EcoMarines journey!

The Snap, Send, Solve app allows you to report full bins, waste and other feedback to council.
The Brisbane Bin and Recycling app teaches you how to recycle items, and even reminds you when bin days are!
Not sure how to dispose of an item? The Recycle Smart app teaches you how to recycle over 170 items!
Check out our Sustainability Tips page to learn how you can make better choices for our environment!
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