Special Recycling

We have an amazing recycling challenge you can join!

But, there are also plenty of other ways you can adopt recycling actions within your school. Below are some special items you can collect and recycle at your school. You can have bins in certain places to collect these items and then organise either your EcoMarines crew or support crew teacher to take the items to recycling centres! 

Here are some places to keep bins for special recycling at your school:

  • Bins in admin room and staff room for ink catridges, batteries, e-waste and mobile phones

  • Bins next to waste bins for soft plastics and drink containers

  • Bins in the front of the school or drop-off/pick-up areas for families to dispose of oral products

Containers for Change

Make money from recycled containers! You can even donate to EcoMarines with code C10041492.

CDs, DVDs and E-Waste

This recycling station accepts all e-waste and more!

Recycle Batteries

Batteries are toxic and it’s important they are recycled and not sent to landfill. 

Ink Cartridges

Is your school recycling ink cartridges?? 

Oral and Beauty Care, Coffee Capsules & More

TerraCycle has recycling solutions for almost every form of waste. 

Mobile Phones

How many old mobile phones can you recover and recycle in your school community? 

Mostly Free Resources

Indigiscapes Centre

Redland City Council’s beautiful environmental education centre with botancial gardens.

Free Resources

SEQ Water, H20 Kids

Incursions, excursions, events, digital and hardcopy resources.

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