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A big part of being an EcoMarine is to spread the word of what EcoMarines is all about which is….. protecting our local environments and wildlife by being conservation leaders! The last term of the year is all about celebrating your work as EcoMarines and promoting what we do to your school and greater community. 

EcoMarines is a not-for-profit which means all the money we get goes straight back into our school programs! So we always need help with fundraising money. If your school wants too, you can celebrate Spread the Word with fundraising for us!

Spread the Word:
Activities & Competitions

You have the opportunity to make a video based on the sustainability or environmental initiatives you are undertaking in your school.

We want you to have fun and be creative! Your video should educate and inspire your school community to make some changes and help protect our environment! The winning video will be announced at The Wave and win an exciting prize – a Bunnings voucher for your school to help with future environmental projects! We’ll also show the winning video video to other schools, share on our social media and add it to our website.

Step 1

Choose an initiative or event you want to make your video about e.g. recycling or

waste-free lunches. Videos are a great way to spread your message and engage

your community to create behaviour change!

Step 2

Recruit your video team! Do you have tech/drama teachers or other students that could help you spread your message? Ask them if they could help with this challenge and maybe they could star in your video as well (with permission). 

Step 3

Create your video… Make it engaging, exciting and educational! The video should be between 1-2 minutes in length and please wear your EcoMarines shirts. 

Step 4

Let your school know about it!

Play your video in assembly, put a link to the video in your schools e-newsletter, and/or put it on social media (remember to tag us!). 

And don’t forget to send your video to us using the form below! You can make the video at any time of the year, but it must be submitted to Dini by Friday 27th October.

The winning video will be announced at The Wave in October. We will also play the winning video at the event and your school will win an exciting prize that will be announced soon!

Join in on a Go Green for EcoMarines Day and dress up in green and share the message of conservation and community! If you are planning a fundraiser, then join our Fundraising Competition! 

Step 1

Pick a date to be a non-uniform, free dress day. Students can dress in green, blue, as a marine creature, eco-superhero, animal onesie, and/or green hair, to celebrate the environment for a gold coin donation. Use the money to fun your schools environmental projects or donate it to EcoMarines to help empower more students to become conservation leaders! 

Use this donation link if you want to fundraise for EcoMarines and join our Fundraising Competition:  

Step 2

Ambassadors make an announcement at assembly and include it in your e-newsletter to promote the day and explain how it works and what you are raising money for (EcoMarines, another environmental charity, or a project in your school). 

Step 3

If you would like to play a movie during lunch or break time, we can provide the 20 minute documentary “A Plastic Ocean” if you want to borrow it (rated PG). One of our teachers showed it to years 2-6 and loved it. Trailer below.

You could also play “All the Way to the Ocean” for prep-year 6 students free on YouTube – great video! 

Please also include an EcoMarines video

Step 4

Take photos on the day of your sea of green! We would love to see what your school got up to so don’t forget to email us or tag us on social media. You can use the form below to send us some photos!

To join our Fundraising Competition send us some photos of your fundraising day and let us know the amount of money you are donating to EcoMarines! Use the form below on the right. 

The school with the most amount of funds donated to EcoMarines will receive an AMAZING prize and will be awarded this prize at The Wave event! Make sure you let us know by 8th October (week1, Term 4) to go in the draw to win the prize. 

* Please note, this fundraising competition does not include funds raised using the EcoMarines Borrow Box!

EcoMarines has a couple of Borrow Boxes to use for school events such as fete’s, fundraisers, open days and fairs. The Borrow Box has a marquee, posters, flyers, promotional materials, educational materials and more!

This is a perfect way to help educate the community about environmental issues and what they can do to help and spread the word about EcoMarines! 

Step 1

Email Dini to secure a Borrow Box for the date of your fete or community event.

Step 2

Ambassadors brainstorm ideas to make their fete more eco-friendly and send a friendly letter to the organisers of the event with your ideas. (E.g. encourage the use of paper plates and utensils instead of plastic, organise lots of rubbish/recycle bins so people don’t litter, etc.)

Step 3

We will be in touch a couple of weeks out from the event to arrange delivering the equipment to you. Don’t forget to take lots of photos!

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