Community Outreach and Engagement

If you want to include the wider community in environmental education and initiatives, here are a few ideas to help you out!

Host a Community Clean Up

You can host your own community clean up with Clean Up Australia day!

This can be in celebration of Clean up Australia Day on the first Sunday of March every year, or even the Great Northern Clean Up in the wet seasons in the middle of the year. 

You can register your Clean Up via the Clean Up Australia Website, send out invites via email or social media, choose your location and the organisation will even send you gloves and tools!

If you are in Brisbane City Council, you can host a clean up via the 104 or More Clean Up Club team. They can send litter pickers and bags as well as an audit kit. Visit them HERE!


Host a Stall at a Community Event!

If there is a local community fair or markets, then a great way to spread awareness on environmental topics is to have a stall! 

Get in touch with the community event organiser OR if it is council run – let the EcoMarines team know and we might be able to help you get in touch with the right people. 

You can hire our our BORROW BOX as well with our event kit inside. Get in touch via email to do this. 

Here are some Council links to find community events near you:

Got any ideas to engage the wider community? Let us know your ideas!

Queensland Youth

Did you know that youth have a say in Government policies, strategies and action plans! 

The Queensland Government has a whole portal for youth to have a say in important topics including conservation and environmental protection. 

Below are some ways you can get involved!


Youth Strategy

The QLD Government has taken on board feedback from young people in to help with policy, programs and services that directly impact youth. 

This is where the Youth Strategy comes in. This strategy ‘sets the vision for young people to actively contribute to Queensland’s economic, civic and cultural life.’

The 2022 strategy is currently being developed along with feedback from young people during a consultation period. 

You can keep up to date with the strategy, highlights, consultation and more below.


Queensland Climate Action

Queensland Government and community are working towards combatting climate change. 

We know this is a very important topic that youth feel strongly about. QLD Government is working to achieve certain targets to reduce emissions and create a greener future. 



There are many ways that you as individuals and community groups can combat climate change. Click HERE to see how to take action. 

But, one of the best things we can do is to be educated about climate change and share that information with others. Use the resource below to understand climate data and what it means globally and locally. 

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