Events and Fundraising

Events and Fundraising are crucial for supporting environmental charities and initiatives in their efforts to reduce the effects of climate change and environmental mismanagement. Fundraising activities can be as simple as charity walks or runs, environmental clean-up events and even eco-friendly fairs or markets. 

Although, fundraising can be as simple as seeking donations from individuals and businesses! 

As EcoMarines, the funds you raise can either be used to fund your own initiatives or put back into the program to help improve the reach of Tangalooma EcoMarines. You can even donate the funds to local environmental organisation. Fundraising isn’t all about money, it can also help to develop communication and interpersonal skills for students as they interact with people from all sorts of backgrounds. Furthermore, fundraising enhances leadership skills amongst students as they take ownership of initiatives and encourage their peers to get involved.

Below are a few fundraising activities and EcoMarines events that students may want to get involved with or use for inspiration!


Fundraising Activities and Events:

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