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Starting the Secondary School Program

EcoMarines Flyer

This flyer explains EcoMarines and our secondary school program. You can also send anyone this link to our Secondary School Program page which has program and event details.

EcoMarines PowerPoint Presentation

We are happy to come do a presentation to students at any stage. However, here is a presentation you can use if needed! Feel free to add or delete any content.

Appointing Ambassadors

STEP 1: Application Process

There are several different ways you can appoint your four ambassadors. Here are some ideas:

  • Application Form: Download the template below for students to write a persuasive letter (or video) expressing why they should be an EcoMarines ambassador. This form includes useful information for parents.
  • Video Application: Students can get creative at home and make a video to show they’d be a great ambassador. Example below.
  • Presentation: Students can do a presentation (speech, PowerPoint) on why they want to be an ambassador. See Criteria Sheet below.
  • Interview: Ambassadors from the previous year interview and help select new ambassadors to take over. 
  • Voting: Some schools have a voting process. Sometimes this is linked with the environmental leadership selection process.

Application Form Template

Public Speaker Criteria Sheet

Video Application

STEP 2: Email to Parents

We have on electronic form for parents to complete. It asks media release, shirt size and provides us with the parents’ contact details to send event information. The form loads into our database so we can get shirts organised asap.

Here is an email template for sending parents the electronic form: 


Your son/daughter has been selected to represent XXXXX School as an EcoMarines Ambassador!

Tangalooma EcoMarines have planned an exciting year ahead. Please complete the online details form (link below) with your contact details to receive event information and provide your son/daughter’s shirt size so we can order a free EcoMarines shirt for them to get presented at school.

Details Form:

To follow EcoMarines events, activities and updates throughout the year, please follow them:


Thank you!

STEP 3: Assembly Presentation

Please let Dini know when you have selected your ambassadors. Yay! You can schedule an assembly date for an EcoMarines team member to announce the ambassadors and present their shirts.​
We also provide a free t-shirt for the support crew teacher(s). Just let us know your size and we will get one organised! Size chart is below.

STEP 4: Mentor Meetings for New Ambassadors

If your school has been in the program for more than one year, your new ambassadors may benefit from a mentor meeting rather than an assembly presentation! A member of the EcoMarines team will come out to meet your new ambassadors and support crew to discuss an action plan for the year and what sustainability initiatives they should focus on. Email us to organise shirts to be sent out to the school and to book a meeting!

 You could even have a “passing on the role” ceremony if last years ambassadors are available. They could hand out shirts to the new ambassadors! 

You can also play this original assembly video too!

STEP 5: Preparing your Ambassadors

To prepare your ambassadors for the year ahead, it is a great idea for your new ambassadors to have a read through the previous years’ Year Book from The Wave. This book has articles about environmental initiatives that schools have been successful in and is perfect to gather inspiration and motivation. For teachers, we have created a Teachers Handbook to help you navigate the EcoMarines year.  

EcoMarines 2022 Year Book

The EcoMarines Year Book is useful to share with all EcoMarines students at the start of the year.

The Year Book includes:

  • Articles from EcoMarines schools

  • Statistics and Figures 
  • Event highlights
Ambassadors will get the new years handbook at the end of the year at The Wave event!

EcoMarines Teacher Handbook

The Teacher Handbook is useful to help teachers organise activities, challenges and events for their EcoMarine students. The handbook has information on:

  • our program and online kit,

  • events,

  • ideas on activities and challenges

  • resources and important information

Appointing Support Crew

We understand how difficult the selection process can be when appointing ambassadors. If you are able to manage, we highly recommend appointing all other interested students as “support crew.” 

Support crew can attend meetings, share ideas and get involved with most of the challenges.


Support crew are invited to Care 4 Country and The Wave. Before each event we will email teachers invitations which you can extend to support crew students.


Shirts for ‘Support Crew’ are available for purchase at a discounted rate for schools for orders over 5 shirts (kid and adult shirts available).

Cost: $15 (including GST and shipping)

Payment: EcoMarines will invoice the school for the TOTAL cost.

Order: Please send parents the Shirt Order Form template we’ve provided below, then email us the size and quantity of each shirt and we’ll arrange everything.

Shirt Sample

Shirt Sizing Guidelines

Ecomarines Materials


Below (and under EcoMarines Resources) we have a certificate that can be used for support crew, mini marines and ambassadors:

School Sign

Purchase an outdoor sign to put on the fence in front of your school. Prices vary with small, medium and large sizes.

We have the MEDIUM sign in stock and it costs $45 + GST and includes delivery. Invoice sent to the school.

  • Small 450 x 300mm
  • Medium 700 x 500mm
  • Large 900 x 600mm

If you prefer not to purchase a sign, you can print off the poster to display in your classroom.

Ecomarines Borrow Box

We have a few ‘Borrow Boxes’ that include a marquee, photo station, promotional materials, educational games, posters, and giveaways! These boxes are perfect for a school fete or community event to educate others on what EcoMarines is all about and how to save our environments. 

Email Dini to secure a Borrow Box for the date of your event! Once the date is secured, the box will be delivered to your school prior to your event. 

More Resources

For more resources such as EcoMarines logos, informative material, useful apps, photos and videos, check out out Resources page! If there is anything else we can help you with starting the Secondary School program in your School, send us an email!

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