School Collaboration

When working on environmental initiatives collaboration amongst year levels and schools can be very important for multiple reasons. Firstly, collaboration allows students to combine their skills and resources to achieve a common goal. By working together, students can pool their knowledge and any expertise to develop effective strategies for running environmental initiatives. Additionally, collaboration can enhance student learning and development, as students learn from each other, sharing unique perspectives and ideas. 

Check out ways to collaborate with other EcoMarines schools below!

Activities & Competitions

EcoMarines CHECK Event Committee

In 2022 EcoMarines hosted our very first secondary school only event called CHECK. CHECK stands for:

  • Culture
  • History
  • Environment 
  • Careers
  • Kindness


This event was a the  firs of its kind and was a conference-style event designed to help educate young people on environmental topics they were interested in, learn about the history of conservation and urbanisation and chat with industry experts to discover new eco-career paths. 

The event was a success with interesting panel discussions around eco-activism, climate change, organic waste and slow-fashion to innovation workshop and interesting stalls. 

Check out our ‘CHECK Book’ below!

We want you to get involved in organising this years CHECK event!

Join our CHECK Event Committee! We want five High Schools to get involved in a series of online meetings and also help run the CHECK event for over 28 high schools. 

Your EcoMarines crew can be involved:

  • Decide on panel topics e.g. Eco-Activism, Climate Change and more 
  • Decide on Industry Experts 
  • Help organise the run sheet for the day
  • Develop a media plan 

and much more!

Collaborating with junior/primary schools in the EcoMarines program is a fantastic opportunity for both schools to learn from each other and work towards  common environmental goals/initiatives.


As secondary students, a great way to create positive environmental behaviours change is to mentor and help educate the younger generation on environmental topics. 

Step 1.

Use the map below to locate primary schools near your secondary school. 

Step 2 - Get in touch!

The EcoMarines team can put you in touch with your local EcoMarines primary school. 

We can e-introduce you the EcoMarines teacher via email. Don’t forget to CC your EcoMarines teacher in all emails you send to our team. 

Step 3 - Plan Activities

Decide how your EcoMarines crew will collaborate with the primary school. 

You can create an education/awareness workshop or presentation to deliver to the younger EcoMarines or class. 

Or you can plan a local Clean Up. Visit our Community Outreach Page to see how!

You can invite EcoMarines team members to help you out on your activities. 

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