Secondary School Program

Welcome to the EcoMarines Online Kit!

Here you’ll find information to help you run the EcoMarines program at your school. 

This page contains:

  •  Resources for teachers (such as resources, templates, appointing ambassadors, events and more
  • Online Training for any student
  • EcoMarines Themes and Challenges to educate and engage your school community
  • Extra opportunities and activities 

Important Information

Resources for Teachers

  • EcoMarines PowerPoint presentation

  • Application and details forms

  • Support crew and mini marine shirts 

  • Handbooks and flyers

  • Curriculum links

  • EcoMarines Borrow Box


  • Clean Up Australia Day 

  • Ambassador Training 

  • Care 4 Country 

  • The Wave 

Third Party Companies

  • ​Incursions and excursions

  • Teaching resources

  • Companies/resources 

  • Grants and awards

Ecomarines Themes

Here you will find some ideas for challenges and activities to run in your school!

Waste Reduction

Help your school reduce waste from food, to wrappers, to rubbish items!

Waste Warriors Art Competition 
Wrapper free Wednesdays


Give recyclable items a second chance in life with these challenges!

Recycling Rangers Skit
Clothes Swap Market
Containers for Change


Do you find a lot of litter in school and your local environments? This is the theme for you!


Landfill Legends

Water & Energy Conservation

Learn how to conserve energy, harness renewable energy, save water and protect our waterways!

                         Power of the Port Excursion                                        Urban Utilities School Water                   Conservation Program

Spread the Word

Spread the message of EcoMarines far and wide with these challenges!

Spread the Word Video
Social Media Takeover
Go Green for EcoMarines

Borrow Box Event/Fundraiser

Gardening and Composting

Get your Green Thumb on!

Mindfulness Garden

Healthy Habitats Challenge

Careers, Volunteering & Study

Want to be conservation hero in outside of high school as well? Check out the great challenges and resources we have to further your love for helping local environments!

                                 Career Workshop                                                          Care for Conservation Club                              Volunteering in your Council Region

Gardening and Composting

Get your Green Thumb on!

Mindfulness Garden


Conserve energy to protect our earths air quality and reduce pollution!

Power of the Port Excursion

Helpful Guides on how to tackle Challenges and Campaigns in your School

Starter Kit
Action Plan
Behaviour Change Tools
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