Sustainability Tips

What Should We Change Our Behaviour?

  • Plastic was created 100 years ago but takes up to 1000 years to decompose

  •  More than a million seabirds and over 100,000 marine mammals die from plastic ingestion
  • 80% of marine pollution comes from land and 80% of the pollution is plastic!

  • Water pollution is mainly caused by run-off from land and makes up over 80% of marine and freshwater pollution

  • Fertilizers, chemicals and toxins used near rivers, creeks and waterways eventually leach into the ocean
  • More than 85% of households contribute to toxic water pollution mostly unknowingly 

  • There are 5 garbage patches which have accumulated in the ocean, one as big as Queensland

  • Australians can produce up to 400kg of waste per family, per year
  • Between 2017 and 2018, Australians used up to 3.4 million tonnes of plastic. But only 9.4% was recycled. Most of that was recycled offshore

  • We could learn a thing or two from traditional custodians who have cared for country for thousands of years. Our local environment is Quandamooka country (Moreton Bay).

  • We have a responsibility to work together to protect the environment variety of ecosystems, marine and wildlife!

The EcoMarines Bucketlist

Are you ready to get your sustainability journey started? These 10 easy steps will help to get you started.

Print this bucketlist and keep it on your fridge to hold yourself accountable to tackle a new one each week! 

Fun Projects

Get Recycling!

Start a recycling system in your home to minimise household waste! 

Creative Composting

There are many compost or worm farm systems perfect for your home or work. 

DIY Cleaning Products

Swap out harmful cleaning products for these easy, kid-friendly DIYs! 

Active Travel Family

Active travel keeps you fit and helps the environment! Where can you incorporate it?

Waste-Free Lunches

Preparing waste-free lunches can be fun for kids and grownups alike.

Low-Waste Homes

Although recycling is important, the best thing we can do is create less waste! .

Helpful Apps

Below are some useful apps you and your peers can download to help you manage waste and recycle better. These apps will help you to begin your EcoMarines journey!

The Snap, Send, Solve app allows you to report full bins, waste and other feedback to council.
The Brisbane Bin and Recycling app teaches you how to recycle items, and even reminds you when bin days are!
Not sure how to dispose of an item? The Recycle Smart app teaches you how to recycle over 170 items!
Check out our Sustainability Tips page to learn how you can make better choices for our environment!

Sustainable Workplaces

You can always implement little changes at work to be sustainable! Don’t forget to share these tips with your workmates!

Tips & Tricks

  • Go paper-free: try use less paper at work if its feasible. There are plenty of online alternatives to regular notebooks and calendars!
  • Reusable coffee cup: make sure you have a coffee cup available at work for when you need to grab a coffee as around about 1 billion disposable coffee cups end up in land-fill each year.
  • Have reusable cutlery available: for those times you decide to get some take-away for lunch, make sure you always have a set of cutlery, a plate and a bowl ready to minimize the need for disposables.
  • Swap your desktop for a laptop: desktops use a lot more energy than laptops, so if you can, maybe use your laptop more!
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