Waste Reduction​

Facts and Figures

Waste is a big issue in Australia! Waste can come in many forms: liquid waste, solid rubbish or litter, hazardous waste, organic waste such as food and recyclable waste.

Sadly, most of this waste ends up in landfill or disposed of in our local environments when more should be recycled or re-used. The most important thing we can do as EcoMarines is to ensure we refuse wasteful items altogether. Here are some facts:

  • In Queensland alone, each year, more than 20 football stadiums of waste is produced by people

  • Australia is improving with over half of waste produced in 2020 being sent for recycling!


Football stadiums of waste is produced by people in Queensland alone!
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and more of waste produce in 2020 is thankfully being sent for recycling!

This EcoMarines theme is a very important one! Your job is to use the challenges below to educate your school and community on how to reduce waste and to show your community ways to re-use wasteful items.

Waste Reduction:
Activities & Competitions

Traditional Waste Reduction

Facts and Figures

Uncle Bob tells the story of the Oodgeroo Trees (Paperbark trees)!

The video can be used to educate students on how we can learn about waste reduction from Traditional Custodians. Uncle Bob tells us how Oodgeroo Trees were used by Traditional Custodians many years ago. He also shares how a prominent Indigenous writer – Aunty Kathy Walker – got her name and her ties to this special tree. 

School Spotlights!

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